Need To Know

5 November 2021

Need To Know

From training suggestions to the big day and beyond – check out this important information about Dubai Ride presented by DP World.

Dubai Ride map


  • Riders have two routes to choose from: the General Route (14km) and the Family Route (4km). For a limited time on 5 November, both options will be one of the most stunning cycle tracks in the world, offering the chance for cyclists to explore the heart of the city at the break of dawn.
  • The 14km General Route largely follows Sheikh Zayed Road for an extended distance, approximately between the Dubai World Trade Centre and the Safa Park area – and back again – passing by the Burj Khalifa and other dazzling architecture.
  • The 4km Family Route winds its way around parts of The Dubai Mall, along Emaar Boulevard, where traffic will also be paused during the event, to ensure your safety – as well as an unforgettable experience.
  • You can choose your starting point when you register for Dubai Ride, there are five start points for the General route and one for the Family route. On the day, the route will be clear and easy to follow, with many helpers and stewards ensuring that Dubai Ride goes smoothly.


  • The ride starts from 5am! Grab a suitable bike and a helmet and make sure you're able to ride the full length of your route – it's that simple. But there are plenty of other details you might want to check...
  • You've trained, checked your bike and double-checked your tyres. Now make sure you have a bite to eat and feel energised for the ride before you bring your road-worthy bike on a bike rack or ride safely to the starting point.
  • Children over 5 and families are welcome to ride the 4km route, and children older than 10 can ride the Sheikh Zayed Road route if they are supervised by an adult.
  • People of determination are also encouraged to join the fun and should contact us at [email protected] so we can share a dedicated starting area.
  • Check our detailed FAQs for more information.


  • Stay safe, stay hydrated and enjoy every moment of Dubai Ride. Anyone feeling unwell should stay at home, and riders should be distanced to avoid accidents.
  • You've brought your helmet – so keep it on! Please remember that this isn't a race and all riders need to space themselves out and make sure they can brake safely if required.
  • You can also stay refreshed with multiple water points around both routes, but you can also bring your own bottle if you have a bottle holder.
  • Want to take photos to remember the day? We understand, but you must not stop along the route or block your fellow riders at any point.
  • Check our detailed FAQs for more information.


  • All cyclists need to clear away from the main roads by 7.30am, so please don't attempt a second loop if it means you will exceed this time limit.
  • If you can't finish the route then our team will help guide you back to a car park or safe area. Since there is no bag drop, please ensure you leave with all of your belongings – and if you misplace anything, a steward can guide you towards the lost property area.
  • There will also be some special events and promotions following the ride – stay tuned! And enjoy the rest of your 30x30.
  • Check our detailed FAQs for more information.
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